Ceiling fan pull chain details

Preface of topic talking

In the previous article, we have talked about the ceiling fan pull chain,but you know this product had many different material,shape and size,not easy to have a choose and confirm.So now we will explore more in-depth details, which will help every ceiling fan pull chain buyers to learn more knowledge about the ceiling fan pull chain, and the purchase is more suitable for them. Let ceiling fan pull chain make our family life and work better.

Basic Information

We all know ceiling fan pull chain is fit for ceiling fan light,as a switch and have a decorative effect.The ceiling fan pull chain have many different size and material,also the shape is different too.

For the size,the length of pull chain is different,the length and width of pendant is different too.The pull chain length will according to your house height.

For the material,the pull chain material always is iron,but according to your demand,you can choose copper or other material that you need.The pendant material are usually have plastic,PU plastic,glass,crystal,wooden,iron,copper,zinc alloy,aluminum alloy,also the material can fixed use as a pendant or only one material use as a pendant.

For the shape,pull chain shape is same,not have other shape.But the pendant shape have many different shape,like cylinder, cuboid, cube, irregular polygon, sphere.Also you can according to your ceiling fan to choose the shape of pendant shape.

Pull chain information

The pull chain are part of Beads and connecting wires.The beads usually are small size,the diameter about 2mm.The connecting wires length is about 1mm,through each bead.The pull chain length usually have 6inch,12inch,36inch,also according to your demand,you can check with your house height.

The pull chain material is usually iron with surface electroplating process.The color usually have brass,nickel,ORB,antique brass,black.

The lock ring length is about 6mm,connect pull chain and ceiling fan.The color is same as pull chain color.

All this size and details information will according to your demand and produce by your custom information.You can have a check and go on the talking with supplier.

Pull chain pendant with lamp finial

Somebody will not know this information that some pull chain pendant can be use lamp finial and some lamp finial also can use as a pull chain pendant.To get this goal,just need a conversion connector.Use the conversion connector,we can let some lamp finials become the pull chain pendant.Also we take off the conversion connector ,we can get the lamp finials.

Usually the shape is not confirm,not only one shape.The design usually is metal base with different material pendant.The conversion connector connect with metal base become a pull chain pendant,leave conversion connector can be a lamp finials.You can use it whatever you want,become a pull chain or a lamp finials.

The base material is usually use copper,zinc alloy,iron,wooden.The pendant material is usually use glass,crystal,wooden,copper,iron,zinc alloy.So you can have a choose and decide to get which product that you need.Just need confirm the ceiling fan light size and height,then have a choose for the product.

Other information

Ceiling fan pull chain had a long history,because ceiling fan product used in the world for many years.If you want choose a correct ceiling fan pull chain product for you,you need know more knowledge of ceiling fan pull chain.

As a ceiling fan pull chain factory,we hope get more information of this product and hope know more clients ideas.So we are very pleasure to waiting any client come to have a talking with us!Thank you for your reading!


Post time: Dec-25-2021