Lampshade and lamp finials

Why talking lampshade and lamp finials together

Everyone knows that lampshade is a important part of table lamp or floor lamp,a good and suitable lampshade can make the table lamp or floor lamp more beautiful and pretty.

But do you know what else is on the lampshade? That's right, that is the lamp finials.The lamp finials is not only responsible for fixing the lampshade, but also for making the lampshade more beautiful.

A suitable lamp finials can set off the perfect image of the lampshade and make the lampshade more vivid, which will further make the table lamp or floor lamp more beautiful and attractive.

So when you choose lampshade,cant just choose lampshade,also include lamp finials.You need consider lampshade and lamp finials together.Just do this work,you can get a set of perfectly matched lampshades and lamp finials.

Lampshade information

There are many different designs, shapes, and materials for lampshades. Each lampshade can make your table lamp or floor lamp have a different feeling, so it is very important to choose a good lampshade.

The lampshade is designed in pure white, pure red, pure blue, etc., and there are also designs with patterns, which can produce the required colors and patterns according to personal needs.

The shape of the lampshade is ellipse, square, rectangle, polygon, circle, etc. It can also be designed in different shapes according to personal needs.

The lampshade is made of glass, cotton, linen, etc. The material is selected and designed according to the shape and color.Of course, it can also be designed according to everyone's needs.

In addition, there are many details that need to be paid attention to when choosing a lampshade.

The base inside the lampshade is for placing the lamp cap. The standards of the lamp cap are American standards, European standards, and the lamp cap models are E14, E17, E26, E27, etc.Therefore, when choosing a lampshade, you must first confirm the specification and model of your lamp holder.

Of course, some models have similar lamp holder sizes, so you can choose them at random, such as E26 and E27.

The lock position of the lampshade is at the top of the lampshade and below the lampshade. When choosing the lampshade, you should also refer to the position of the lamp holder and make your own choice.

The lampshade has a single lock and a double lock. Single locks are divided into upper locks and lower locks, and double locks refer to the upper and lower locks. When choosing a lampshade, reference and decision should also be made.

Lamp finials information

The lamp finials also have many different styles.

The shape is also have many different shape,Circles, squares, rectangles, and many irregular shapes.

The material is glass, crystal, wood, copper, iron, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, etc.

Under normal circumstances, the lampshade and lamp finials of the same material are the best choice, which can show the advantages of a whole set of products of the same material, and the effect is better.

If you don't want to choose the same material, the glass lampshade is more suitable for the lamp finials of metal material, and the shape needs to be selected according to the specific situation.Cloth or hemp lampshades are more suitable for lamp finials made of glass or crystal.Also you can choose any material that you like.

Other topic of lamp accessories

We all know that there are many lighting accessories, table lamps or floor lamp accessories are only a part, and lampshades and lamp finials are a small part of them.

So we are very pleasure to have a talking with anybody for other lamp accessories topic.Welcome to you contact our company!



Post time: Nov-20-2021