Do you know Blue and white porcelain?

As an art material and craft that can be used to decorate lighting, blue and white porcelain is very popular. In the long river of Chinese history and culture, blue and white porcelain has become a cultural symbol and representative. The production of blue and white porcelain lamp finials is a combination of blue and white porcelain technology and lighting decoration, which not only has the aesthetic value of arts and crafts, but also has practicality. This article will give you a detailed introduction to the characteristics, advantages, craftsmanship and meaning of blue and white porcelain lamp finials.

The characteristics and advantages of blue and white porcelain lamp finials

1.Extraordinary artistic value

Blue and white porcelain is a traditional art material in China, which has unique decoration and coloring effects.

The blue and white porcelain lamp finials can not only become a beautiful lighting decoration, but also can be collected as a work of art, thus reflecting its extraordinary artistic value.

2.Strong durability

The hardness and brittleness of blue and white porcelain forms a unique characteristic under the action of glaze.

 After high-temperature firing and strict quality control, the blue and white porcelain lamp finials present the characteristics of strong durability.

Even in the long-term use process, there will still be no color fading, deformation, cracking, etc, and it has a long service life.

3.Exquisite workmanship

The production process of blue and white porcelain is very complicated, and it needs repeated pondering in multiple links from screening raw materials, making shapes, decorative patterns, and firing.

 Therefore, the blue and white porcelain lamp finials have the characteristics of very exquisite craftsmanship and handmade.

4.Rich cultural background

Blue and white porcelain has a long history and profound cultural heritage, and its patterns and structures have a strong cultural background.

The production of blue-and-white porcelain lamp finials also has this feature, which not only looks beautiful and elegant, but also contains rich cultural connotations.

 This cultural value cannot be replaced by other materials.


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—The production process of blue and white porcelain lamp finials

1.Pottery preparation

The first step in making a blue and white porcelain lamp finials is to prepare the raw materials.

The raw materials of blue and white porcelain mainly include kaolin, mineral powder and clear water.

These raw materials are processed through several links such as stirring, fusion, and screening.

2.Mold making

 In order to ensure that the blue and white porcelain lamp finials made meets the design requirements, a mold needs to be made first. The mold of the blue and white porcelain lamp finials needs to be made through carving skills and hand polishing.

 The size and shape of the mold need to be adjusted according to the design requirements in order to produce ceramic products that meet the requirements.

3.Make To

Make blue and white porcelain lamp finials, ingredients need to be prepared in a certain proportion.

Mix the clean and dry kaolin and mineral powder evenly into the water and mix them well.

 According to the design requirements, the prepared ceramic products are placed in the formed mold and pressed gently, and the mold can be taken out after a period of time.

4.Glazes and Patterns

The distinctive feature of the blue and white porcelain lamp finials lies in the drawing of its pattern and the choice of glaze.

 Excellent blue and white glaze is one of the cores of making blue and white porcelain lamp finials.After years of practice and exploration, the traditional blue and white porcelain technique

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