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As a part of interior decoration, lampshades can serve as a finishing touch

The combination of different styles and interior decoration can bring a unique atmosphere and style to a room.

Choosing the appropriate lampshade style and decoration combination is an important factor in creating an ideal indoor lighting scene


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Warm and comfortable:

Fabric lampshade is the most common lampshade material, with a soft and natural texture, suitable for creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The advantage of fabric lampshade is that it can choose different colors, patterns, and textures according to your preferences and needs, and it is also relatively easy to clean. Moreover, fabric lampshades can effectively block the light bulb, making the light softer and avoiding direct eye contact. The disadvantage is that the fabric lampshade is not very wear-resistant and is prone to stains and dust, requiring regular cleaning and maintenance. Fabric lampshade is suitable for creating a warm atmosphere in spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, and study rooms.


Product information

Product Name: Fabric lampshade
Upper diameter: 5cm
Slant height:
Lower diameter:
Top metal color:
Material quality: Braid+PVC
Weight: 170g
Packaging method:
Style: Classics style
Lead Time: 1-7 days for stock goods; 10-15 days for bulk production


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