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These Asian finals use the classic  brass color,antique brass color ,ORB color  and silver color, and each lamp final is with cylindrical black frosted crystal shape.Not only a work of art, but also a design knowledge learning.

This lamp finials enhances the overall image of the room layout and also gives you more options for decorating on top of the lighting.

This brass color,antique brass color,silver color ,black color lamp finial with new design let you feel the charm of oriental culture, give you many colors choose. Smooth surface treatment ensures the brightness of the color.Let you enjoy the happenies of knowledge learning,add you more information of lamp finials design.

The balck color crystal like the black magic,give you many amazing.

Use this decoration with oriental culture finial cap for your lamp, give you more surprise.

Thread 1/4-27 and suitable for many sizes lamp harp.

Finial product material: metal.

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Durable and beautiful:

Our lamp finials are made of quality metal and crystal with nice workmanship and polishing process, which are sturdy and durable, beautiful and delicately designed into simple and vintage style.

They can create a beautiful touch and add a cozy atmosphere to your home.And you can get more experience by this pull chains product.

The black color crystal can let you imagine the power of black magic and feel the charm of magic.

The lamp finials is convenient to adjust the length of the lamp harp for better fit, which is functional and decorative, easy to use and beautiful to decorate your home.

Product information

Weight: 40g
Size: 26mm*50mm
Color: Brass,accpet silver/antique brass/black
Style : Classical
Package: PE bag
Lead Time: 1-7 days for stock goods; 7-19 days for bulk production


Product information

Weight: 285g
Size: 7 inch
Color: Brass
Style : Classical
Package: PE bag
Lead Time: 1-7 days for stock goods; 7-19 days for bulk production


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