Characteristics and common faults of lifting lamp harp

The lifting lamp harp is a lamp harp used to fix and support various equipment and tools, and it is also widely used in the lighting industry. The following introduces several common lifting lamp harp types and their characteristics, as well as specific application examples in the lighting industry:

  1. Electric lifting lamp harp - The electric lifting lamp harp uses an electric drive lifting mechanism to complete the height adjustment. It has the characteristics of fast speed, simple operation, and convenient installation. It is suitable for places with high height requirements such as indoor hanging lights.
  2. Manual Lifting Stand - The manual lifting stand usually adopts a screw lifting mechanism or a hydraulic lifting mechanism to complete the height adjustment. It has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient maintenance, and is suitable for indoor layout and decoration.
  3. Cantilever lifting lamp harp - Cantilever lifting lamp harp is a kind of lifting lamp harp that can move freely in a limited space, and can be lifted and retracted at the same time. It has the characteristics of simple structure and safe operation. It is suitable for lighting that needs to be flexibly adjusted in height and angle Install.
  4. Ceiling-mounted lifting lamp harp - Pendant-mounted lifting lamp harp usually have a large cantilever length and carrying capacity, and are suitable for the installation and maintenance of large-scale lighting fixtures.
  5. Diagonal Ladder Lifting lamp harp - Diagonal Ladder Lifting lamp harp can work in multiple positions at the same time, suitable for lighting installation and maintenance and other workplaces.
  6. Folding lift stand - The foldable lift stand can be quickly folded and unfolded as required, and is easy to carry, store and use, and is suitable for places where the working position needs to be changed frequently.
  7. Patio Lifting Support - The patio lifting support generally uses wire ropes or steel chains for height adjustment. It has the characteristics of safe operation, high efficiency and convenience, and is suitable for maintenance and replacement of high-altitude lighting. 



The common faults and solutions of lifting lamp harp in the lighting industry are as follows:

  1. Motor failure: The motor may be overheated, causing it to fail to work normally. It is necessary to replace the motor or strengthen heat dissipation measures.
  2. Remote control failure: The remote control signal is interfered, the remote control battery is low or malfunctioning, and the remote control or battery needs to be replaced.
  3. Unstable lifting of the lamp harp : The gears on the lamp harp may be worn, resulting in unstable lifting of the lamp harp , and the gear assembly or the entire lamp harp needs to be replaced.
  4. The stand is stuck: The stand may be stuck due to long-term non-use, or due to the accumulation of dust and dirt, and the stand needs to be cleaned and maintained.
  5. The lamp harp is loose: the connecting part of the lamp harp may become loose, causing the lamp harp to be unstable, and the connecting part needs to be checked and tightened. In response to these failures, timely repair and maintenance are required to ensure the normal use of the lifting lamp harp and prolong the life of the lamp. 

Post time: May-15-2023