Guidelines and maintenance for purchasing lamp harp kit

When purchasing a lamp harp kit it is necessary to choose suitable materials and specifications based on different types of lighting fixtures.

Common types of lighting fixtures and their applicable purchase guidelines for lamp harp kit:

1. Pendant lamp: Usually, a lamp harp kit with a higher number of cores is used to ensure the stability of the pendant lamp. It is recommended to choose a UL94V-0 flame retardant lamp harp kit to ensure the safety of the pendant lamp.

2. Floor lamp: Generally, a lamp harp kit with a lower number of cores and smaller specifications is used to facilitate concealment at the bottom of the floor lamp. It is recommended to choose a lamp harp kit with a sturdy shell material and a long service life.

3. Spot lighting: It is necessary to select a lamp harp kit suitable for conductive cables, such as copper core wires, to ensure the lighting effect of the spot lighting. It is recommended to choose a lamp harp kit with sufficient number of wire cores and high tensile strength.

4. Panel lights: The applicable lamp harp kit is similar to floor lamps, and a smaller and lower core lamp harp kit needs to be selected to facilitate hiding the bottom of the panel light.

5. Track lights: Track lights usually need to be installed on the track, and a lamp harp kit that can fix the track needs to be selected. Generally speaking, the lamp harp kit for track lights should be of finer specifications, with a common specification of 0.75mm ² And 1.0mm ² Silver single stranded wire with core material.

6. Floor lamp: The floor lamp needs to choose a lamp harp kit with a moderate number of wire cores and relatively small specifications to facilitate hiding underground. It is generally recommended to select UV anti-aging, shock absorption and tensile polyurethane shell line for the support line set of floor lamp to ensure durability.

7. High ceiling lamp: For lamps with high ceiling height, it is necessary to use a lamp harp kit with high wire hardness and strong tension resistance to ensure installation stability and safety. When choosing, it is recommended to choose a lamp harp kit product that has high safety standards and meets relevant certification requirements.

8. High power LED lights: When selecting high-power LED lights, it is necessary to choose a lamp harp kit that can withstand high currents and has excellent conductivity to ensure the stability and safety of the product. The common lamp harp kit specification is 2.5mm ² And 4.0mm ² Copper wire or stranded copper wire.

In short, when purchasing a lamp harp kit, it is necessary to be careful and choose the appropriate specifications, materials, and models to ensure the installation quality and performance of the lamp harp kit. In addition, it is recommended to choose large brands and legitimate channels of lamp harp kit to avoid purchasing low-quality counterfeit products.

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The precautions for using the lamp harp kit and suggestions on how to extend its service life: Precautions for use:

1.Before using the lamp harp kit, it is necessary to carefully read the product manual and understand the usage and installation methods

2. The lamp harp kit must be used at a suitable ambient temperature and humidity to avoid excessive bending, twisting, or pressure

3. Avoid overloading the use of lamp harp kit and avoid using them on high-power appliances

4. Do not frequently disassemble or pull out the lamp harp kit

5. Regularly clean and maintain the lamp harp kit to maintain a neat appearance

6. Avoid using lamp harp kit in damp, dusty, or high-temperature environments.

Method to extend service life:

1. Avoid excessive bending and stretching of cables, and avoid pressing wires onto other objects

2. Avoid friction between wires and appliances, and avoid excessive friction between wires and other items

3. Avoid using lamp harp kit outdoors or in humid environments

4. Regularly check the wires for wear or other damage and replace them in a timely manner

5. Choose a suitable current and voltage lamp harp kit to avoid exceeding its rated carrying range

6. Avoid leaving cables between plugs and sockets to avoid the risk of short circuits and fire.

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