How are lamp finials sized

Everyone knows that when we purchase lamp finials, we need confirm the size. Not only confirm length, width, weight, the most important size need confirm is thread size.

There are 2 different thread sizes for most lamps.

The most used size is 1/4-27 thread(Threaded solid cylinder 1/4" diameter) and 1/8 IP (hollow threaded tube 3/8" diameter).

Of course, some large-sized floor lamps and lamps that can withstand large-sized lampshades, such as Tiffany lamps, require a larger 1/4 IP thread (hollow threaded tube 1/2" diameter).

So before you purchase, you need confirm the thread size at first, then we can go on next step. Its very important for our purchase plan.

Also, someone will not know clear information about the lamp finials. Then they will purchase lamp finials random,not do some ready work. Its a bad behavior that wastes time and money, not good for your life or business.

You know,we need put lampshade on the lamp, also need something to fix the lampshade. This part can not only fix the lampshade, but also decorate the lamp, which can change the image of the whole lamp. This is lamp finials, fix the lampshade and decorate the lamps to show your artistic taste.

So we can’t purchase lamp finials random, need finish any data measurement work.

But if we purchase wrong thread size lamp finials, what we can do? Dont worry, we can use this part to solve the problem. Thread adapter, this product can let you get a correct size threaded solid cylinder, then you can use the lamp finials on the lamp .

The best choose is check the lamp harp thread size at first, then we can purchase the right size lamp finials.It can let us reduce more cost and time. Make us get more business chance and life experience.

So you can have a try to purchase a correct size lamp finials and make your lamp look nice and pretty.

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Post time: Sep-04-2021