How do you fix a ceiling fan pull chain

Ceiling fan pull chain information

Many people knows that ceiling fan has a special place in family life.In summer, it can bring coolness to every corner of the house, keeping you away from hot troubles.In winter, it can let warmth surround every place in the home, let you say goodbye to the cold invasion.

Therefore, when the pull chain is stuck and not work, we must do something to get the ceiling fan back to work.

Also know to how check and fix pull chain can let us save money and get a new skill ,is good for us.So we need carefully to check and learn more information about ceiling fan and ceiling fan pull chain.

How to fix fan pull chain

If the pull chain is connected to the switch and the pull chain is stuck, it means that there is a problem with the switch system, so the switch system needs to be replaced.

For your own personal safety, you must turn off the switching power supply. Then start the disassembly of the switch shell.only in this way, you can proceed to the next step.This is also the best way to isolate the power supply, and there will be no other accidents.

Remove the bulb to prevent damage. In order to better reach the ceiling fan, you need to use a step stool or ladder. Unscrew and remove the bulbs, and place them in a safe, soft place for future use. If you have any spheres or wall lights attached to your particular ceiling fan, you can use a screwdriver and easily remove this accessories .

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the fixing device in place so that the switch and wiring can be seen soon. Then make sure you keep all the removed accessories in a safe place for reinstallation later.

Find the switch and take a photo of the ceiling fan light pull chain switch to confirm the product model that needs to be replaced, so as to facilitate purchase or direct replacement.At the same time, we also need to take a picture of the wires connected to the old switch to recognize the corresponding connection ports of the wires to ensure that the subsequent re-safety and accuracy.

After all the photos are taken, we need to go to the nearby electrical or hardware store to ask the clerk so that we can purchase the correct model of switch and the corresponding model of pull chain, and then go home to prepare for installation.

Before installation, you need to remove the old switch. If you are afraid of forgetting the switch position, you can also take pictures. Then install the new switch, refer to the photos taken for the switch and pull chain installation, so that it can be accurate.

Please check the pull chain and switch

Before we reinstall the switch cover and other parts,we need confirm the switch and pull chain can be work well.

We can gently test the pull chain to see if the switch can work normally. If it can, it means that it is installed correctly and can be used with confidence.if it is not, then we need to check again to ensure that it can be used normally.

When it is confirmed that the switch and pull chain can be used normally, we can install the switch cover and other parts one by one to restore the original condition.

Other words

Ceiling fan is our friend and make us happy in real life.So if ceiling fan had broken,we need check the reason and make ceiling fan can work well.When ceiling fan not work,we must don’t have any thinking.Just try to check it and repair it .

So we need know more knowledge about ceiling fan pull chain,we can check easy and repair easy.If very hard damage,we can go to repair centre to get help or let professional people help us.

Remember one words,not waiting,just check and repair it.





Post time: Mar-05-2022