How do you put a pull chain on a ceiling fan

Ceiling fan details

Ceiling fan is use in many families,how to put a ceiling pull chain on ceiling fan as a switch and control the fan?This is a good question.Ceiling fan have many information need we to know and study.

Put pull chain with ceiling fan is also a not easy work.Because we need check many things before we go on work.

May be you can cost some minutes to read this words and get some useful information.Then you can have a try to do this work.

Checking before start work

Put a  pull chain on a ceiling fan like replace a pull chain on a ceiling fan ,so if you know how to put a pull chain on a ceiling fan,you will also know how to replace a pull chain on a ceiling fan.

Before put a pull chain on a ceiling fan,you need turn off the power at first.Then you need know how to arrive switch wire source.

Remove the bulb to ensure that the bulb is not damaged.And then remove the cover, then remove the screws one by one, and then you will see the switch wires.

Start work

Pull out the switch wire and check carefully to make sure that the switch wire is intact.The switch can also be removed from the fixture for more detailed inspection.Before put the pull chain on ceiling fan, please confirm whether the pull chain is intact and check the length of the pull chain again. Make sure that the pull chain is compatible with the ceiling fan switch.

Insert the pull chain into the switch as required, connect it with the disc, and then fix the device with screws to ensure the stability of the pull chain.Install the pull chain and spring to a fixed position to complete the assembly of the switch. Fix the spring and pull chain connected to the disc in the switch. Pass the pull chain through the hole on the switch so you can easily pull it.

Fix the switch in the fixing device and reinstall the switch nut. Then follow your previous disassembly process, step by step to install the wire switch in place, make sure to fix the switch next to the position where the nut is unscrewed from the outside of the fixing device, and return to the original position. Finally, screw the nut back to the original position to fix the switch and complete the installation work.

Test work

You can test the switch pull chain after installation to determine if it is installed correctly. Before that, you must reinstall the bulb, and then turn on the power switch again, ready to start the test.

If the light is bright and the pull chain works smoothly, then the installation is successful; if not, you need to check again and install it again.

As mentioned at the beginning, the pull chain is not only a switch, but also an ornament of the ceiling fan, which can enhance the grade of the ceiling fan and improve the quality of house. So when choosing a pull chain, be sure to confirm the size and material of the pull chain many times. The other is to choose the pull chain decorations to meet the needs of the home, so that a pull chain that best meets the needs of the family can be use.

Last words

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Know more details about ceiling fan and pull chain ,then go on study and have a test,you will control easy.The last you will save time and money,you can install and repair them easy.



Post time: Mar-31-2022