How to fix broken pull chain on ceiling fan light

he importance of learning how to fix broken pull chain

Ceiling fan light is use in many families, if the pull chain switch broken or not work,will make us unhappy and not good for our family live.

So learn how to fix broken pull chain is very important for us. It can let us reduce waiting time and save maintenance costs.

Also let you master a repair skill. In any case, there is only good for us, no harm.

Analyze the cause of broken

We all know that pull chain broken must have reason. There are usually two reasons.

One is that the pull chain itself is damaged, broken or the link falls off; the other is that the internal switch is damaged, but the pull chain is good.

The maintenance methods for these two reasons are also different. So we must confirm the broken reason, then we can go on the next work.

Fix bad pull chain or replace pull chain

Do this work is easy for us.If your pull chain broken,switch is good, you will let your ceiling fan light back work quickly.

First you need remove the switch housing and then straighten the pull chain carefully. Now you can have a check from switch to end. Find the broken or slightly damaged place and make a mark.

Remove the pull chain part from the switch.If you have spare parts of the same model at home, you can replace and repair them immediately; if you don’t have a spare pull chain, you can go to a nearby hardware store to buy the same model of products, and then replace and repair them.

Make sure that the pull chain is intact, insert the pull chain into the switch, fasten it with screws, and then close the cover. Pull the pull chain to test whether the pull chain switch works normally.

Fix bad switch or replace switch

If your pull chain switch not work by bad switch,this fix or replace work will a little hard. Repairing and replacing switches requires a little knowledge of electrical repair,otherwise the repair and replacement effect will be affected.

Before repair, you need turn off the power and then remove the switch housing.

Remove the fixed screws and check the switch wires. Use the mobile phone to take pictures of the distribution of the wires of the corresponding lines, and then remove the switches and wires.

If there are spare switches and wires at home, they can be replaced directly, which is convenient and quick. If you don’t have spare switches and wires, you need to go to a nearby hardware store to buy them. Purchase the same model of switches and wires for replacement. Refer to the photos taken earlier for replacement.

Close the lid, turn on the power, and test. If it still does not work, you need to turn off the power and check whether the wire interface is tightened again until the test is successful.

Final message

Fix bad pull chain or replace pull chain is easy to learn, but if you not have any knowledge of electrical repair,please not fix or replace.Just turn off the power, open the switch cover, take pictures of the wire distribution and connections, and then buy the same size switches and wires, and ask the repairer to repair or replace. This is the safest practice. Although it took time, there was only one life.

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Post time: Sep-18-2021