How to measure for lamp finials

This is a funny topic. Lamp finial is very useful in our life when we use table lamp or floor lamp.So choose a correct lamp finial is very important.

As we mentioned in last week’s article, the most important size of lamp finial is thread size. But dont forgot lamp finial is not only have thread size also have product height, width, length, diameter and so on.

So learn how to measure the lamp finials are good for our live or business. Now follow me, start todays journey.

The most important size of Lamp finials are thread size. This size usually have 1/4-27 thread(Threaded solid cylinder 1/4" diameter) and 1/8 IP (hollow threaded tube 3/8" diameter).This two different thread sizes are fit in most of lamp harp, so usually purchase this sizes to have a test for your lamp harp will be easy to confirm which thread size is fit in your lamp harp.

But we also purchase big size floor lamp or table lamp and use in our house,how can we get a correct size for our lamp. Dont worry! We can measure the lamp harp solid stud size, get pitch size,diameter, length and so on. Then we can check in thread data list or go to hardware store or lighting store to confirm which thread size is fit in our lamp.

By the way, if you worried the measure size will have wrong, you can purchase similar size lamp finial for spare. Do this work can let you not worried cant use a correct lamp finial in your lamp.

We all know the lamp finials will have different material & shape,so the product height, width, diameter are also very important. Only the suitable lamp finial can make our lamp more pretty. So we also need check this size of lamp finial and get the suitable lamp finial for our lamp.

Ruler and measuring instrument are useful in measure work. To check the thread size,measuring instrument is more accurate, so you can check two times. Ruler to test first time and measuring instrument to test second time.Then you can get a correct size.

If the lamp finials shape is irregular, you must be very careful when measuring the height, width, and length of the product. The operation is not standardized, and the obtained size is also wrong. In this case, the product should be placed flat on the table or on the ground, and then measured with a measuring instrument to get the precise size.

Or perform segmented measurement, which is also a more accurate measurement method. However, during the measurement process, the size of the repeated part must be subtracted so that the precise size can be obtained.

Please note! the measurement data is very critical and must be accurate.

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