How to repair finials lamp

Importance of lamp finials

Lamp finials, it is the decoration of table lamp or floor lamp, and it is also an important accessory to decorate the house and improve the quality of life. It is of great help to our family life.

Can you imagine it? Good lamp finials can help you a lot. When you encounter difficulties or worries outside, when you come home and see this decorative head, your mood may improve, and your solution will emerge from your brain.When you happy,you can share with your lamp finials and will let you feel more happy ,so it’s very important for us!

Also when lamp finials broken, we must do something for it.

Precautions before repair

Repair lamp finials are not very difficult. Why do i say that? Because the lamp finials that can be repaired are only slightly damaged or do not require much professional knowledge.

If the damage is severe, we cannot repair it. Unless you have familiar expertise, then you will do your best to repair this decorative head with special emotional significance. Otherwise, we can only replace it, not repair it. Because blind repair will only waste time and money, and it will be fruitless.

There are many kinds of materials for the lamp finials, such as metal, wood, crystal, glass, plastic and so on. However, we can only repair the product when the paint is peeled off or slightly damaged, and there is no way to repair the crystal, glass, wood and other materials after the slight damage, so the main object of our repair is the metal material lamp finials.

How to repair lamp finials

If the paint on the outside of the metal is scratched or dropped, we only need to buy the paint of the corresponding color.

Remove the lamp finials, and at the same time ensure the stability of the desk lamp or floor lamp. If all the materials of the lamp finials are metal, this repair is very simple. Put on gloves, apply paint to all parts of the lamp finials, and apply several times to the parts where the paint is off. Make sure that the color shades are the same in all locations.

Then put the lamp finials in a cool and dry place for natural drying, and then you can use it. Of course, before painting, the internal nozzle of the lamp finials must be sealed to prevent the colored paint from entering the inside of the pipe.Although the effect of this application of color paint is not as good as the real color paint process, the color effect is still good.

If the metal material is with glass or crystal, before applying the lamp finials, the glass or crystal must be completely covered, and the nozzle must be closed at the same time, to ensure that the color paint is only applied to the metal part.Avoid polluting other parts and destroy the overall image and use effect of the product.Then also put the lamp finials in a cool and dry place for natural drying, and then you can use it when the lamp finials surface is dry.

Finally words

Lamp finials are people’s good friend! Make us happy and give us(QINGCHANG) many help. When it broken, we must do something. According the actual damage, to repair or replace 

If you have any idea or words about lamp finials, please contact us when you free. Wish have a talking with you !

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