How to replace pull chain on ceiling fan

In our life,replace pull chain on ceiling fan is a very important life skill.

If you have this skill,you can save a lot of time and money.

Now provide you some ideas that you have a check.

Please see the Instructions in here:

Before you start work,please turn off the power switch to prevent electric shock,safe is the first!

First, please take off the cover of the fan, touch the switch, and remove the screws and nuts that fix the outside of the switch.

Second,pull the chain switch slowly from the inside to make sure it will not break. Leave the wires for subsequent connections.

Check the switch and see if the chain can be reconnected. If your ceiling fan pull chain is damaged by pulling it out of the switch, you only need to replace a longer pull chain.

If you can't reconnect, then you need to use your mobile phone to take pictures and save the color of each connected place and line, which is very important.

Remove the wires and switches, and bring the product corresponding data to the parts store to purchase matching parts to ensure that they meet the requirements of the fan.Then you can go on next step.

By the way,if all the parts are ready, they can be installed directly.

The wire needs to be wound clockwise to install, please make sure the nut is tight. Insert the switch pill chain into the fan and tighten the outer nut.

Turn on the power switch again, and test whether the switch pull chain can work normally.

Please have a try and wish you can replace pull chain success!

Also if you want know more details information,please keep pay attention to our essay.We will update essay every week.And you can contact us to ask any question when you free!Thank you for your time!

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Post time: Sep-04-2021