What is the relationship between the size of the lampshade Haval lamp harp and the lampshade? What needs to be noted?

There is indeed a close relationship between the size of the lampshade Haval lamp harp (also commonly referred to as the lamp holder or lamp holder) and the lampshade. Here are some key points and considerations regarding the relationship between the two:

Size matching:

The size of the lampshade Haval lamp harp must match the lampshade. This includes the diameter and height of the lamp harp, as well as the size of the bottom of the lampshade. If the lamp harp is too large or too small, the lampshade may not be installed or fixed correctly, resulting in unstable lighting or inconsistent appearance.

Installation stability:

In addition to size matching, the design and structure of the lampshade Haval lamp harp also affect the installation stability of the lampshade. The lamp harp should be able to provide sufficient support to ensure that the lampshade is not easily shaken or tilted after installation.

Material and load-bearing capacity:

The material and load-bearing capacity of the lampshade Haval lamp harp also need to be considered. The lamp harp should be able to withstand the weight of the lampshade and light bulb, and the material should have sufficient strength and durability to ensure that it is not easily deformed or damaged during long-term use.


The size and appearance of the lampshade Haval lamp harp can also affect the overall aesthetics of the lamp. When selecting a bracket, it should be ensured that it is coordinated with the exterior design of the lampshade and the entire lighting fixture to achieve the best visual effect.

Installation and disassembly:

In order to facilitate future maintenance and replacement, the installation and disassembly of the lampshade Haval lamp harp should be as simple and convenient as possible. Avoid choosing overly complex or difficult to operate bracket designs.


When purchasing a lampshade Haval lamp harp, it is important to pay attention to whether it is compatible with the brand and model of the lighting fixture you are using. Different brands and models of lighting fixtures may require different types of brackets, so it is important to choose the correct lamp harp to ensure the normal use of the fixture.


Last but not least, the safety of the lampshade Haval lamp harp. Ensure that the design of the lamp harp meets safety standards and can maintain stability and safety during use. Avoid selecting lamp harp products with poor quality or safety hazards.

In short, the size relationship between the lampshade Haval lamp harp and the lampshade is crucial, and it is necessary to ensure the matching and coordination between the two. When choosing a lamp harp, please consider the above factors and pay attention to relevant details to ensure the stability and aesthetics of the lamp.

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Post time: Jun-11-2024