How to tighten lamp finials

What is lamp finials?

In the previous article, we mentioned this question and answered it. Now we need have a talking again, know the importance of lamp finials, we will tighten lamp finials carefully and quickly.

It can enhance the image of table lamps or floor lamps and make the room more atmosphere. The perfect decorative effect will bring you a new experience. Let you enjoy the joy and get more fun while using the desk lamp or floor lamp.

You can also buy many kinds of styles and different shapes of lamp finials according to your hobbies and habits so that you can have new happiness every day!

Check the size and length of the lamp harp top cylinder

This work is very important for us!Check size of top cylinder, can help us quickly confirm the correct size lamp finials.

At first, we need confirm the thread of top cylinder, it can help us know the model of lamp finials.Usually, we use 1/4-27 thread and 1/8 IP these two models.

Then we need check the diameter of top cylinder, it can help us confirm the lamp finials quickly.

The last, we need check the length of top cylinder, we need to confirm use the length of lamp finials. Not every same thread model lamp finials is fit same size top cylinder,also need confirm the length.

Check the diameter and length of lamp finials

This work is also need carefully. According to lamp harp top cylinder thread model, we can choose the lamp finials quickly. But before confirm, we still need check the diameter and length of lamp finials.

Check the diameter of lamp finials is easy, but the length of lamp finials need pay attention to a detail.

The length of lamp finials is not the product length size, is the internal tube size. We need let lamp finials fully put in lamp harp top cylinder, then we can tighten lamp finials on the lamp.

how to install lamp finials

Know how to install lamp finials, it’s very important to tighten lamp finials on the lamp quickly.

First make sure that the desk lamp or floor lamp is placed in a balanced manner, and then wipe the top cylinder with a clean and dry cleaning cloth to ensure that the cylinder with the tooth pattern on the top is clean.

Then align the lamp finials vertically with the top cylinder,make sure there are no gaps and balance.

Finally start to slowly rotate until there is no gap or space between the lamp finials and the top cylinder. Please double check to make sure it has been tightened.

Of course, you can also according to your own preferences, without completely tightening the lamp finials, leaving a certain gap and space between the lamp finials and the top cylinder. But make sure that the lamp finials does not fall off.

Finally words


Tighten lamp finials is not very hard, just keep carefully and patience.According step, do each size information check work. Only confirm the size and can get the correct size lamp finials, then we can tighten lamp finials quickly.

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Post time: Sep-19-2021