Know more information of lamp finials for yourself

Where is lamp finials?

Is a funny topic,Where is lamp finials?

Let me tell you,on the top of table lamp or floor lamp.Ball shape is one of lamp finials shape.Usually have wooden material ball,glass material ball,metal material ,ceramics material ball ,crystal material ball and so on.

Usually wooden material ball is all wooden material,wooden material ball and wooden material base.The metal material ball is all metal material,metal material ball and metal material base.But the glass material ball and ceramics material ball are not all glass material or ceramics material,they also have metal material base.The ball material and base material is different.

So what function of lamp finials have ?Do you want know?

The first function is let table lamp or floor lamp look more beautiful and pretty,add some funny in your live,make you a good mood.

The second function is fixed lampshade on the lamp harp,because lampshade need cover lamp harp and make lamp harp can’t show when we see the table lamp or floor lamp.

The third function is test lamp harp top solid tube.The lamp harp top solid tube thread usually have 1/4’’-27 and 1/8 IP two styles,so when we purchase lamp harp and lamp finials,we need have a test.If not fit,we can’t do anything when we back home or office.

What’s lamp finials material?

Like last topic said,lamp finials have many materials.Wooden material,metal material,glass material,ceramics material,crystal material and so on.

Also this material will use together in some time,not all is same material.Like glass ball with metal material base,crystal ball with metal material base,ceramics ball with metal material base and so on.

The wooden material and metal material can be all same,ball and base are same material.

What is lamp finials shape?

For the lamp finials shape,there are many kinds of shapes, irregular polygons, spheres, cubes, cuboids, ellipses and so on.

How did we choose for the lamp finials?When we purchase lamp harp,we can choose lamp harp with lamp finials kit,if not,we can check our table lamp base or floor lamp base,then check the lampshade.According color and different shape,we can choose the correct lamp finials for our table lamp or floor lamp.And the lamp finials must fit lamp harp top solid tube,the thread must same.Then we can do next step for our table lamp or floor lamp.

What is lamp finials color?

For the color,one words can describe,is any color.Because the advanced production technology can support the production of any color, as long as you need any color, we can provide any color.

Also when you confirm color and choose color,you can need check your table lamp base or floor lamp base,lampshade ,lamp harp,the color must fit or complementary collocation the other parts.

Only check all parts of table lamp or floor lamp,then we can choose the correct color lamp finials.Our table lamp or floor lamp will look good and pretty.

Other topic of lamp finials

Lamp finials is not a separate part,the best choose is talking with lampshade and lamp harp,the most time choose lamp finials need fit lampshade and lamp harp.Just fit,the table lamp or floor lamp will look nice.

For our live,we need know some information or knowledge of lamp finials.It’s very helpful for our live,if we not know anything,we will lost much.Time and money,may be include funny and good mood.

A very small thing can change many things,so we need cost some time to learn some knowledge of lamp finials,it’s good for us.

And we all know lamp finials have more and more designs and ideas,and we provide lamp finials product to USA supermarket at least 20 years.We like provide you any new design lamp finials and hope we can provide help for your new design and idea.So please contact us when you free and need.








Post time: Nov-11-2022