Lamp finials

Details of lamp finials

We all know that lamp finials are very important part for lamp harp,make the table lamp look pretty and unique,let our house or office look more beautiful,increase our live and work quality.

A correct choose for lamp finials,can change many things,and give us many benefits.

The lamp finials function is fixed lamp shade,choose a suitable lamp finials are not just for fixed lamp shade,also can make the lamp shade look more better.When our mood is not good and see the lamp finial,you will be very happy and relax.

Lamp finials have many different shape, Like cylinder, cube, cuboid, irregular three-dimensional and so on.

Lamp finials have many different style,like balls, animals, small accessories,commemorative items and so on.

Lamp finials have many different material,like glass,crystal,copper,iron,ceramics ,zinc alloy,aluminum alloy and so on.

Lamp finials base length usually is 1 inch,about 2.5cm.Also you can according your demand,purchase or custom produce your demand size.

Lamp finials base material usually are copper,iron,zinc alloy,aluminum alloy .

Lamp finials base shape usually is cylinder,and add some decorative patterns or small accessories.For the shape,also can according to your demand and custom produce.

Glass&crystal with metal material lamp finials

Glass&crystal material lamp finials are not only have this material,also have metal lamp finials base.The lamp finials base usually use copper,iron,zinc alloy,aluminum alloy,and make many different shape and style.

Glass&crystal material usually make ball shape,like transparent ball, interior pattern ball, color ball, color embellishment pattern ball, solid pattern ball, etc.The ball size usually have 23mm,30mm,35mm,40mm and so on.

Glass&crystal material also make irregular shapes,like triangles, polygons, cubes, cuboids, etc.The size is not confirm,just according to clients demand.

Metal material lamp finials

Metal material lamp finials usually use copper,iron,zinc alloy ,stainless steel ,make the lamp finials with metal base.At the most time,all lamp finials parts material is same metal,not use different material.

Metal material usually make many different animal,so the size and shape is different.But the animal look more pretty,metal material animal are very image and attractive.So many people like metal material and custom make many different animal according their demand.

Metal material also make many different pattern ,size is also different and show different symbolic meaning.People like custom make different pattern to show their heart mean and get more demand lamp finials.

Ceramics material lamp finials

Ceramics material lamp finials also with metal base make the lamp finials.The lamp finials base usually use copper,iron,zinc alloy,aluminum alloy,and make many different shape and style.Also can according to your demand to make unique lamp base for yourself.

Do you know what material the most vivid and attractive animals are made of?Yeah.May be somebody knows this material,its ceramics.Ceramics can take many different animal and other pattern,will be very nice and pretty.And now many people also like this material lamp finials,to make their table lamp or floor lamp more beautiful and well. The size is not confirm,according to your demand.

Also the ceramics material make the ball shape,usually size is 30mm,35mm,40mm and so on.Can put many nice pattern on the ball surface,the surface processing technology is also different.But the lamp finials are look pretty and very nice.

Other information

For the lamp finials this product,there are many materials,shapes,patterns,styles in the world.People have many choose for the lamp finials,and also can let supplier make the custom lamp finials for themselves.If quantity is less,just pay more money.If quantity is big,the price will be cheap.

For the lamp finials choose,we need consider lamp harp,lampshade and the house or office environment.Then we can make a correct choose to get the suitable lamp finials to use in our house or office.

Lamp finials topic will have more and more,if you like,we can go on have a talking.Waiting for anybody contact us and have a talking about the lamp finials.


Post time: Dec-10-2021