How do we use the lampshade properly

Introduce of lampshade

The lampshade is very common in our life and is an important partner in our life and work. It is placed on the top of various lamps to control the light diffusion and bring enough light to our working life. Such a shielding effect also protects our eyes and prevents our eyes from being directly damaged by strong lights.
There are many materials for the lampshade, paper, glass, various braids and so on. There are also many shapes, conical, cylindrical, square, rectangle, rectangle, etc. We can find lampshades in floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, and there are many places to place lampshades in a room.
In addition to its important uses, the lampshade also has a very important decorative function. A good lampshade will change the overall image of the room and enhance the grade of the room. If the aesthetic design concept is added, this lampshade will become unparalleled.
There are also many colors of the lampshade, the most common is white, which can reflect more light, and can also prevent the light from flowing out from both sides of the lampshade. The effect of gathering light is the best. Of course, the choice of lampshade is not only to emphasize the effect of spotlight, but also to match according to the layout and color tone of your own room. You can choose from many shades of colors and shapes, as long as they can concentrate the light and protect your eyes.

Lampshade usage advice

In the choice of lampshade material, for simple and rustic farmhouses or cottages, you can choose linen lampshades in soft tones, which will be very harmonious. And in a well-furnished room or office, a glass shade may be a good choice.
In the traditional lampshade materials, linen, paper, silk and other materials occupy a large market. In terms of shape innovation, there are more and more choices of cylinder and square, while the antique lampshade adopts a lot of glass materials and design concepts of edge stripes.
Among the many materials of the lampshade, the paper lampshade is the most fragile and the most easily deformed, but in some environments, the paper lampshade beats other lampshades and becomes the first choice of people through its pattern and color advantages, so in the process of use It is necessary to pay attention to the use of the paper lampshade, and try to avoid the lampshade from being damaged.
In the process of using the lampshade, there is a very critical problem, that is, the problem of heat dissipation. Everyone knows that the light bulb will heat up for a long time. If the heat dissipation effect is not good, it will cause an explosion or burning. Therefore, we must pay great attention to the heat dissipation of the lampshade.
Heat dissipation is not a problem for larger lampshades, because the upper and lower outlets provide enough space for heat dissipation, which can ensure that the heat is dissipated and protect the lampshade and the lamp. However, the lampshade with a smaller size will have the problem of difficult heat dissipation, especially the lampshade with a slope design. This risk is very high, because the contact distance between the lampshade and the lamp is very close, and it is very normal to cause burning or explosion. So in this case, we can only choose to install LED lights, which can not only avoid burning braid or paper lampshade, but also save energy. For us, this is a very good choice, energy saving and safety.

Lampshade with lamp harp

The lampshade and the harp are a pair of important table lamp combination parts. The lampshade is placed on the harp and then fixed on the harp to gather the light on the harp within a certain range, protect our eyes and bring enough brightness.
In the size selection of the harp of the lampshade, the height of the lampshade must be greater than the size of the harp, such as a 6-inch harp with a 7.5-inch lampshade or an 8-inch harp with a 9-inch lampshade, the height of the lampshade is 1-1.5 inches larger than the height of the harp , so that the bottom of the harp and the lamp finials can be avoided, and the appearance will not be affected.
During the use and installation process, the lampshade is fixed by the lamp finials of the harp, covering the harp, so that the lamp head of the harp works perfectly and makes the whole table lamp look beautiful.
For the choice of lampshade, we should pay enough attention, after all, a suitable lampshade can change a lot of display effects. A good lampshade can enhance the image of the table lamp and improve the beauty of our room. When you have a good environment, your mood is happy and everything becomes very beautiful.
Therefore, when choosing a lampshade, we must pay attention to the size and shape of the lampshade and the harp. This is very important and must be confirmed.

Lampshade other topic

We all know that the lampshade has a long history of development, from the initial simple lampshade to the current lampshade of various styles and shapes of different materials. There are many topics about lampshades, but the knowledge of lampshades we know is only part of them, so we need to spend some time to understand more about lampshades.

When you know more about lampshade knowledge, it can not only help you choose the right lampshade, but also help your lampshade or lighting products business. So let's spend some time together to understand and explore more lampshade knowledge.


Post time: Feb-19-2022