What are the different sizes of lamp harps

What is lamp harp

Lamp harp is the most important part of table lamp or floor lamp.Bear lampshade and hold lamp holder,if not have lamp harp,the table lamp is empty.So if you want make a table lamp or floor lamp,you cant leave lamp harp and need check carefully.

Also lamp harp have many sizes ,you need check and choose a correct size for your table lamp.The lampshade size usually bigger than lamp harp size,because the lampshade need cover the lamp harp,cant let we see the lamp harp or lamp harp base.

Lamp harp usually have two models,one is fixed size lamp harp,the other is adjustable size lamp harp.The fixed size usually have square shape and oval shape,the adjustable lamp harp usually have square shape.

Lamp harp also have many colors,like brass,antique brass,silver,black and so on.But lamp harp shape and color also can custom to make according to your demand,you can choose any design that you like.


Lamp harp base size different

Lamp harp base is a part of lamp harp,as a base,have a very important function.We all know the lamp harp base is hold lamp holder,so this will have different size,just according to lamp holder size.

We know the lamp holder size is different,usually use E26 and E27,also have small size,like E12 and E14,so the lamp harp base size is different.

So before you purchase lamp harp,please check the lamp holder size and then choose the correct size lamp harp base.


Lamp harp body size different

Lamp body size also have many sizes.Usually use size is 6 inch,6.5 inch,7 inch,7.5 inch,8 inch,8.5 inch,9 inch,9.5 inch,10 inch,10.5 inch,11inch,11.5 inch,12 inch.Also you can choose other size that you like.

Before purchase lamp harp,you need check the lampshade size and need know lampshade size always bigger than lamp harp body size 1-1.5inch,so you need check before you purchase,its very necessary.

Also the adjustable size lamp harp size usually is 7-9 inch,7-10 inch,8-10 inch,you can choose them according to your demand.


Lamp harp top thread size different

The top of lamp harp is a solid tube,fit lamp finials.Usually the solid tube size is 1/4’’-27 and 1/8 IP,fit small size lamp finials and big size lamp finials.

So before you purchase lamp harp,if you have lamp finials at home,please check them and confirm the thread size,if choose wrong size lamp harp thread size,your lamp finials will cant fit.

Also if you purchase lamp harp with lamp finials,you will not worry this problem,just know this information.



Noted information

Lamp harp must in lampshade,be cover by lampshade,so please choose lamp harp smaller than lampshade,usually smaller than lampshade size 1-1.5inch.

Lamp harp size and color or shape can be custom by your demand,just confirm which lamp harp is your need.

Lamp harp usually with lamp finials,purchase lamp harp with lamp finials will be a good choose,you will not worry the lamp finials wrong size.


Lamp harp topic

Table lamp use in many families,so we need know some information or knowledge about lamp harp,its good for our live.Try to get more attention about the lamp harp information or talking,that will good for you.

When you control the lamp harp knowledge,you will easy to face any problem in lamp harp and know how to choose the lamp harp is good for your table lamp or floor lamp. 

Post time: Mar-10-2022