What is a lamp harp used for

What is lamp harp

The lamp harp is an important part of the table lamp or floor lamp. It supports the lampshade, places the lamp finials, and connects the base, which plays a very important role.

Lamp harps come in a variety of sizes, commonly used sizes are 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches, and 10 inches. You can also choose according to your actual needs, there are smaller than 6 inches, and there are larger than 10 inches. Lamp harp size can be purchased according to your needs.

There are generally only two shapes of lamp harps, oval and square. The oval shape is only used on fixed size light harps, while the square shape is used not only on fixed size light harps, but also on adjustable size light harps. The square has a wider range of applications and is more ornamental.

The color of the lamp harp is generally brass, bronze, nickel, electrophoretic black four conventional colors. If you need to customize the color, the matching lamp head and wire color should also be changed, otherwise it will affect the overall appearance.

The main material of the lamp harp is metal, iron, steel, alloy, etc. The conventional material is iron. The matching lamp finials material is usually metal. Of course, you can also change it according to your own needs. There are many materials for the lamp finials. You can match lamp finials of different materials as you like.

How did lamp harp work

The working principle of the lamp harp is very simple, and it mainly has several functions.

The top of the lamp harp is where the lamp finials is placed, remove the lamp finials, put the lampshade on top of the lamp harp, and tighten the lamp finials, the lampshade can be fixed above the lamp harp, and the lampshade will also cover the lamp harp completely.

The bottom of the lamp harp is where the lamp holder is placed. Put the lamp holder on the bottom of the lamp harp and connect the tooth tube of the base of the table lamp or the base of the floor lamp to fix the lamp holder and then place the light bulb.

The premise of making the light harp work properly is to install it correctly and keep the light harp vertical and stable. Only a solid lamp harp can make the lamp head and light bulb operate normally, and also make the whole lamp harp and lampshade look more ornamental, so that the function of the lamp harp can be played perfectly.

Lamp harp accessories

Light harp accessories are available in two combinations of simple parts packs and complex parts packs.

Simple light harp accessories with just the lamp finials, light harp base, a possible metal light harp round base, very simple to match.

The complex lamp harp accessories also include screws, nuts, metal washers, sliding wires, small metal bases, and some will also add matching lamp heads and wire plugs. Opt for an intricate light harp parts kit and all you need is a shade and base to assemble a table or floor lamp.

Other information

The lamp harp has a long history of development, rapid development and wide use. We must know more about the lamp harp knowledge and development status in order to make a lamp harp that is more in line with the needs of modern society, and to provide a better lamp harp use plan.

Post time: Feb-25-2022