What is a lamp harp

What is a lamp harp?

Good question,let me make an introduction.

The simplest introduction, lamp harp is a part of table lamp &floor lamp.But the most use in table lamp and have many different size.

Lamp harp have Non-adjustable and adjustable two specifications.

Non-adjustable lamp harp usually have many size,like 6 inch,7 inch,8 inch,9 inch,10 inch ,12 inch,this six size are usually use size.Also have many small or big size,but that size usually are custom size,according clients need.

How did we know the size of lamp harp?Its easy.You can use ruler to have a check in lamp harp.Measure the lamp harp space length from head to base will get lamp harp size.

Non-adjustable lamp harp also have different shape.Square and oval, are commonly used lamp harp shape.In addition to the different shapes, some of the matching parts are also different. Square shape lamp harp with solid or hollow cylinder lamp finial, oval shape lamp harp usually with irregular pattern lamp finial.

By the way,the surface treatment process and color are also different. The oval shape lamp harp has more color options, and the square shape lamp harp surface treatment process will be more brighter.

The base part of lamp harp,square shape lamp harp will have more choose than oval shape lamp harp.

Adjustable lamp harp usually sell size are 7-9 inches ,8-10 inches,7-10 inches.The adjustable lamp harp shape is square. The ones with three holes on each side are 7-9 inches and 8-10 inches, and the ones with four holes on each side are 7-10 inches.

Adjustable lamp harp color are usually have electrophoresis black, nickel, brass color,is same as Non-adjustable lamp harp square shape.

By adjusting the lock rings on both sides, lock them in the corresponding holes. You can get the size that you want.

Like non-adjustable lamp harp square shape ,adjustable square shape lamp harp also with solid or hollow cylinder lamp finial.

But Adjustable lamp harp in addition to the fixed detachable base,Usually with a large ring base with an inner diameter of 35 mm and a diameter of 55 mm.The 40 mm inner diameter large ring base and white plastic buckle are configured according to customer needs.

Relatively speaking, the non-adjustable lamp harp is more stable than the adjustable lamp harp , but the adjustable lamp harp allows you to use a variety of different sizes.Each has its own advantages and disadvantages,just according to your demand and choose.

Non-adjustable lamp harp and adjustable lamp harp material is similar,basically all metal material.And the functional effect is similar too.

However, the lampshade is configured with the lamp harp, which is also limited by the size of the lamp holder. If you want to assemble the lamp yourself, please do a good work of size measurement and accounting to avoid purchase the wrong size and affecting the assembly work.

Our company accept any custom size and color &material,just tell us your demand information.We are very happy to provide good quality lamp harp or custom lamp harp for you.Thank you for your time and waiting for your contact!

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