Why did we need know how to repair the pull chain on a ceiling fan light

Ceiling fans and pull chain detail information

Ceiling fans are widely used all over the world and have a long history. They are an important supplement to any family, dotted with every family that uses ceiling fans. It not only provides an elegant appearance and fresh air flow, but also saves energy for you throughout the year and brings more comfort to your life.

In winter, the fan pushes warm air into the living area and spreads throughout the room, allowing you to feel the warmth and bid farewell to the cold. In summer, it will blow away the hot air and send you cool air, so that you can stay away from the heat and feel cool. Therefore, ceiling fans are very important in our lives and work. They are always with us and bring joy to our lives.

When lamps and ceiling fans are matched together, our lives and work become more distinctive. One brings us warmth and coolness, and the other brings us light. Since then, our life and work have become more interesting.

However, despite our miracles, we have designed many kinds of fans. But many ceiling fans still rely on a very low-tech fan switch control method: chain. Controlling the fan and light through the chain not only plays a decorative role, but also plays a role of a switch. Of course, where there is a chain, there will be a broken chain.

A broken ceiling fan pull chain is a very common problem. Even during normal use, the weakly beaded metal zipper will easily break under moderate tension, not to mention the aging and breakage due to long use. This is an unavoidable problem that deserves our attention. But the good news is that we may not need to replace the entire ceiling fan, or even ask a technician to repair it, because repairing a damaged ceiling fan zipper is a cheap, simple and fast repair method, which can not only save you a lot of time and reduce the burden, but also Let you master a simple maintenance skill.

Information of broken ceiling fan pull chain

Broken ceiling fan pull chain: inside and outside

There are two types of ceiling fan pull chain breaks: outside or inside the fan housing. The repair work in the first case is very simple and only takes a few minutes. In the second case, the repair work involves more and usually requires some disassembly work.

External: When the ceiling fan pull chain breaks on the outside of the fan housing, it usually breaks somewhere in the middle. This kind of repair is very easy, you can easily see the broken place, and then perform simple repairs or lengthen the chain to restore the chain to work.

Inside: When the ceiling fan pull chain breaks inside the fan housing, the entire visible part of the chain has been broken, and the rest of the chain disappears inside the fan housing. At this time, we can no longer see the damaged part of the chain, so we can only disassemble and find the damaged part for repair and replacement. At this time, we need to have the skills to disassemble the ceiling fan, and then analyze the specific situation, repair the sling or replace the sling.

Get more details of ceiling fan pull chain

It is easy for the ceiling fan pull chain to break on the outside for maintenance or restoration, but because the hole on the fan housing is a friction point, the pull chain keeps rubbing against the side of the metal ring during use, and the chain breaks are inevitable. Therefore, the internal fracture of the pull chain is a problem to be faced sooner or later, and we need to master more knowledge to carry out disassembly and maintenance operations.

It is very important to master the sling repair skills, which can save us a lot of time and complete a small task. Not only allows us to solve problems quickly, but also allows us to master a new skill. If you have more information about fan lifting chain maintenance, please contact us and discuss!

Post time: Jan-07-2022