Clip on lampshade – mushroom lampshade-plastic and dome shaped bulb lampshade – turns the bulb into a light fixture

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Plastic lampshade, a fashionable and practical lighting accessory, adds new elements to home lighting with its elegant design and high-quality materials. With its rounded appearance and a variety of color choices, whether it is a modern minimalist style or a rural style, it can perfectly integrate and enhance the visual effect of the space. The durability and safety of plastic lampshades are also one of the reasons for their popularity. Made of high-quality plastic materials, it has excellent durability and heat resistance, and is not prone to aging and deformation. At the same time, it can also prevent the lamps from being disturbed by dust and harmful substances, thereby effectively extending the service life of the lamps. In addition, the installation and maintenance of plastic lampshades are also very simple. It generally adopts a snap on design, which is convenient and fast to install on the lamp. At the same time, its cleaning and maintenance are also very simple, just wipe it with a damp cloth to restore its new luster. In short, plastic lampshades have become an indispensable part of modern home lighting due to their elegant design, high-quality materials, and safe and durable features. It brings soft and comfortable light to our lives, making every corner full of warmth and vitality. Let’s enjoy the beauty brought by plastic lampshades together!


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Plastic lampshades have become an ideal choice for modern homes due to their multiple advantages. Firstly, it is made of high-quality plastic material, which is lightweight and easy to install. At the same time, it has characteristics such as dust, moisture, and insect resistance, effectively protecting the lighting fixtures. Secondly, the plastic lampshade can emit soft and comfortable light, making the entire space filled with a warm atmosphere. In addition, it can effectively reduce the stimulation of strong light, protect the eyes, and improve visual comfort. Finally, the design of plastic lampshades is diverse and can adapt to various home styles, adding a bright decoration to the home. In short, plastic lampshades are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, making them an ideal choice for improving home quality.


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Product Name: Mushroom lampshade
Upper diameter:  
Lower diameter:
Material quality: Plastic cement
Packaging method:
Style: Classics style
Lead Time: 1-7 days for stock goods; 10-15 days for bulk production


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