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—Perhaps you have this question, why choose wooden ceiling fan pull chains among the many choices.

—So now I’ll give you a reason to choose it

Firstly, wooden ceiling fan pull chains are naturally beautiful, and wood has a natural aesthetic, making them look more natural, simple, and warm.

Secondly, the texture is lightweight, and compared to other materials, the wood texture is more lightweight

Finally: Durable and reliable, good wood has a hard texture, good toughness and durability

In summary: Wooden ceiling fan pull chains are naturally beautiful, lightweight, durable, and reliable, so why are you still hesitating?

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Durable and beautiful:

This type of ceiling fan traction chain is used for lighting, fans, and ceiling fans

With connectors, it is easy to replace damaged or outdated fan zippers

Wooden material, natural and beautiful, lightweight, durable and reliable.

Upgrade the zipper design so that the zipper will not break.

I believe that when you see wood, the first thing you think of is nature. The texture of wood allows us to feel the closeness of nature at home!

We accept any customized requirements.


Product information

Product Name: Popular Gourd Shape With Blue Striped Designed Decorative Ceiling Fan Pull Chain
Pendant Size: 20*38mm
Length of pull chains: 30.5cm
Diameter of each bead: 3.0mm
Pendant Material: Wood
Chain Material: Brass
Style: Contemporary
Suggest Uses: Ideal replacement for extension pull chain, suitable for ceiling light, ceiling fan, desk lamp, and so on.
Package: Blister packaging
Lead Time: 1-7 days for stock goods; 10-15 days for bulk production


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