Blue and white porcelain lamp finials

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—Do you like China?

—Do you want to learn about Chinese culture?

This lamp finials adopts a design of blue and white porcelain, which has the characteristics of traditional Chinese art. The patterns are exquisite and beautiful, and the colors are fresh and natural, perfectly interpreting the breadth and depth of Chinese culture!

Blue and white porcelain is a kind of high temperature resistant ceramic, which has high durability and is not easy to wear, deform, or crack due to temperature changes. Moreover, Blue and white porcelain has a smooth surface, which is not easy to be contaminated with dust and dirt, and is easy to clean.

This lamp finials is impeccable in terms of design concept, workmanship, and material. I believe you will like it!

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Durable and beautiful:

A qualified blue and white porcelain decorative head requires careful selection from the beginning of material selection.

After selecting high-quality ceramic raw materials, it is first shaped or made on wheels, followed by drying, flowering, glazing, decoration, firing and other processes to complete.
The unique design of Blue and white porcelain makes people look bright. I hope you can remember this beautiful pattern, which belongs to Chinese culture.


Product information

Product Name: Blue and white porcelain lamp finials  with Chinese traditional art characteristics—QING CHANG
Dimension: 30*45*18mm
Material: ceramics
Gross Weight: 28g
Tapped: 1/4-27
Color: wood
Style : Minimalist
Installation Method: 1.Unplug the lamp and remove the old finial by turning counterclockwise.2. Place the lampshade over the lamp harp's threaded stud and fasten the finial by turning clockwise.
Suggest Uses: Ideal replacement of lamp finials, suitable for a desk lamp and floor lamp, etc.
Lead Time: 1-7 days for stock goods; 10-15 days for bulk production



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