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The lamp harp kit include 8 inch round shape lamp harp, Europe standard lamp holder and wire plug, collocation some necessary lamp harp accessories product.

This lamp harps have perfect lamp harp, high quality lamp holder and wire plug, good quality accessories.

Give you a good experience when you use this lamp harp kit.

Detachable Lamp Harp, Carded. Holds a lamp shade in place, easy-to-install design.

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Durable and beautiful:

The lampshade is a detachable harp, which is widely used for lamps of various sizes.

This product suit many lamp harp sizes, not only 8 inches. Europe standard lamp holder and wire plug, all have VDE and CE certification, provide you a safe product to use.

Various simple accessories can make any collocation and customization, just send us your demand details!

Product information

Weight: 413g
Size: 8 inch
Color: Brass
Style : Classical
Package: PE bag
Lead Time: 1-7 days for stock goods; 7-19 days for bulk production


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