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Lamp harp will use many sizes and different shape in this lamp harp kit, not only use 7 inch square shape lamp harp.

American standard lamp holder and Europe wire plug, with many necessary lamp harp accessories product combined into this suit.

This shape lamp holder only have American standard, also can use in Europe.

Very suitable for modern lamps and modern home decoration styles.

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Durable and beautiful:

Antique brass lamp harp is usually selling in this mini harp kit, also can accept different colors.

American standard lamp holder had passed UL certification, Europe wire plug had passed VDE and CE certification, they all safe product.

Simple and convenient to use, Very simple lampshade attachment; easy to use. Clip it on the bulb, the lampshade on it.

The lamp stand is made of nickel polished metal to highlight your home.

Please check your demand and give us your details, we will back you a perfect reply.

Product information

Weight: 285g
Size: 7 inch
Color: Brass
Style : Classical
Package: PE bag
Lead Time: 1-7 days for stock goods; 7-19 days for bulk production


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