The combination of black and white ceramics and antique-brass iron ceiling fan pull chain

Short Description:

—Unique combination of ceramics and iron, exquisite design

—The patterns and colors of ceramics are very unique, which can be demonstrated through the design of ceiling fan pull chain; Iron material itself has a unique texture, and when paired with ceramics, it can present a unique style and effect


But the moment they meet, that’s the most dazzling moment

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Durable and beautiful:

—Ceramics and iron are both materials with good hardness, which have good wear resistance and compressive resistance

—And both have good corrosion resistance, and are not easily rusted and corroded in humid environments


Product information

Product Name: Unique combination design of ceramics and iron
Pendant Size: 26*54mm
Length of pull chains: 30.5cm
Diameter of each bead: 3.0mm
Pendant Material: Ceramic+Iron
Chain Material: Brass
Style: Contemporary
Suggest Uses: Ideal replacement for extension pull chain, suitable for ceiling light, ceiling fan, desk lamp, and so on.
Package: Blister packaging
Lead Time: 1-7 days for stock goods; 10-15 days for bulk production


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